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Case Studies #2

Background: A data hosting company was offering a free whitepaper, which people could get by entering their name and email into a form.  This was a two-page process: first, users clicked on the green "download now" button, which didn't actually allow them to download the whitepaper now, but instead took them to the form page where they had to enter their info.


Conversion Goal: Form fill


Element Tested: Reducing the process from two pages to one, as well as the copywriting, layout, and adding trust symbols


Hypothesis: By reducing the number of steps users had to take, as well as writing more convincing content, giving users more information, and adding trust symbols, we expected to get about 33% more form fills


Result: Our landing page got 57% more form fills than the original (95% confidence).  The test took 2 weeks to complete.


Original 2-Page Process


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IT case study results original photo 2
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